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Managing the Pieces Parts

I have said for years that internet development has too many “pieces parts”. I had no idea how many pieces parts there were. What lead me to this revelation was comments in the UDemy course I am taking on WordPress Theme design. I am almost done with the course. I was in the section where you learn how to upload the website, Fictional U, that I have been working on to the internet.

The course teaches 2 methods. The instructor says that the first method is the easy way but is not good for frequent updates. The second method takes a while to set up but then becomes very straight forward. He recommends that you only use the second method if you think you are going to make frequent changes AND you know GITHUB. Since this isn’t a GITHUB course, the lesson using this method won’t make sense if you don’t know GITHUB.

I don’t know GITHUB so I intended to skip that lesson until I ran into a problem with the first method. The plugin, All In 1 WP Migration, worked fine on my PC. It did its job and created the WordPress file for importing. The problem happened when I went to import. The course provides free hosting on Ground Site. They have a 128m file limit. My file was 158m. I was forced to use the GITHUB method.

The instructor was right. If you don’t know GITHUB, the lesson won’t make sense. As I said before, I don’t know GITHUB. OK, time to learn GITHUB. This is when I realized how many pieces parts there really are when developing on the internet. The good news is, I am not the only person to realize there are lots of pieces parts. Now there are tools to manage all the pieces parts. Here is a picture showing the pieces and their incestuous relationship.

That picture shows how a tool, Webpack, bundles pieces parts into just four “user friendly” files. So I have temporarily putting the WordPress Theme Developer course on hold while I learn how to use GITHUB and a lot of other pieces, so I can upload my WordPress theme to the internet.

This experience has made me think about what is the best sequence to learn the tools need for internet development. As of right now, I would say it is HTML and CSS, then PHP and then Javascript. I of course jumped into the middle where you needed them all to fully understand what was going on in the course. Live and Learn!

IAAC Video Day 115

My 115th day in the #iamalivechallenge. I am alive and doing very well. I hope you are doing very well as well.

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