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“No More Excuses” is the total package! Just knowing what to do is not enough. You also need the right tools and enough advertising to see you to success. You get it all here and the support you can rely on as you learn how to use the tools and concepts of marketing that have worked for me.
The Pizza Plan is a must read especially for those new to internet marketing. One of the biggest reasons internet marketers fail is funding. No matter what 1000’s for ads say, you really can’t succeed at making money on the internet totally free.
Original published in 2008, it has been updated to reflect today’s market and the new features in LeadsLeap. One Signup A Day offers an effective method to continuously grow your list.
The Japanese have a word that has no equal in the English language… “Kaizen” When translated it means to improve daily. Inch by inch, step by step, milestone by milestone. Easy to say, harder to put in practice.