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Hello, my name is Bob Caine. Welcome to my website. My mission is to help you avoid mistakes I have made in the past and help you achieve success as quickly as possible. The majority of things I recommend will be free or low cost. That does not mean they don’t have upgrades because most do. I will never recommend anything that I have not tried myself.

Two things I want to make sure you are know up front. First, I truly believe you cannot succeed on the internet without investing some money regardless of what so many ads tell you. Second, you will not get rich overnight. It will take time and consistent effort to succeed. How do I know this? Read my story below.

I have been experimenting with affiliate marketing on the internet for more than 20 years. Most of those years, I had a good, full time job which I loved. So as much as I professed wanting to begin a totally new career as an internet marketer, I wasn’t serious.

I wasn’t serious because I made a good living and wasn’t willing to take the risk involved in starting over. How would I pay my bills? If I didn’t succeed, could I find another full time, conventional job? Neither my need or my desire were strong enough to allow/make me take the leap. If I had been motivated all those years ago, I would probably be making a very good living from my efforts now.

You can change can’t to can with self belief,
positive attitude and motivation

In 2001, I got remarried to a wonderful lady with 2 young children. (My first wife had died from cancer.) This re-enforced my ‘no risk’ thinking. I still played around with internet marketing but with even less gusto than before.

After a few years of marriage, between my travel for work and my wife’s schedule, I started to dream again about building a career where my wife and I could work together. My wife and I have very complimentary talents. She is an extrovert who easily meets people; I am an introvert and would much prefer back office work.

While I am thinking about what we could do, 911 happened. Shortly after 911, I was laid off from work. The economy was terrible so finding a job was next to impossible. I realized this was my opportunity to start a career that my wife and I could do together. I decided that real estate fit the criteria. This would be the perfect career for us to work together. The plan was I would get established, then she could quit her current job and join me. To make a long story short, real estate is not a good job for an introvert and when my old company called with a job offer, I jumped at it.

Shortly after starting again, I was diagnosed with cancer. This required chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and I had to take sick leave from work. I was off work for almost a year. I returned to work and three months later was told they didn’t have any work for me. At this point, my age made finding a job next to impossible; but, luckily, I was old enough to retire. So I did.

Back to the drawing board. I still wanted to find a career where my wife and I could work together. Internet marketing seemed like the best option. The big problem with that idea was that my wife did not believe it was possible. She thought internet marketing could be a hobby but couldn’t make anyone a living. So, I had to get started on my own and make enough money to prove to her that we could make a living and working together we could make even a better living.

to be continued…