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I have said for years that internet development has too many “pieces parts”. I had no idea how many pieces parts there were. What lead me to this revelation was comments in the UDemy course I am taking on WordPress Theme design. I am almost done with the course. I was in the section where […]

Guinea Pig Challenge Today I spent the majority of my time on 2 things. The first is related to my goals peripherally and the second is directly related I hope. I will explain the ‘I hope’ part shortly. So now it is much later than usual getting my IAAC done. I spent most of the […]

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Is Anyone Else Using WordPress To Post? I am soliciting the help of the community to solve my video site problems. I have failed doing it myself. I need advice from anyone out there who is creating their #ctptalk or #peakd posts using SteemPress with WordPress. I thought I had it all figured out until […]