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7 Reasons Affiliates Fail

In my experience with affiliate marketing, I hear 7 reasons over and over that affect the results achieved by affiliate marketers. There are other reasons as well, but these 7 seem to be the most common. In the next 7 posts, I will discuss these 7 reasons. I would love to hear your thoughts about each reason. Remember one of our purposes here is to help each other. Your comments are part of that help.

Let’s take a quick look at those 7 reasons.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Making it easy on yourself by only using marketing aids provided by the product or service and doing nothing original minimizes your sales.

Trying to Make a Sale Too Fast

It is unreasonable to think that your sales will be made running an ad for a short time or sending a single email.

Selling Filet at MacDonald’s

Trying to sell high-ticket products without building rapport with prospects is generally not successful.

Lack of Focus on Traffic

Trying every traffic software, strategy and trick spreads you too thin. There is not enough time in the day to do too many traffic methods. Focus on 2 or 3.

Offer Overload

Making too many offers in too short a time will drive potential customers away.

7-Second Expectations

Expecting results to0 soon.

Not Creating a Journey

Not building a journey for the customer before and after they buy your product will cause customers to leave.

These 7 reasons can keep you from making sales; and, maybe more importantly, keep you from keeping customers for resales. I will explore each of these in more detail over the next posts.

I hope you find this topic interesting. Please provide feedback, good and bad, with your comments. This is the only way others can learn from your experiences and I can improve. Thank you in advance.

See You At The Bank, Bob

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