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My experience with the Prosperity Marketing System has been phenomenal. It is the first system that has ever made me a consistent, growing monthly income. I am done looking for my ideal system, this is it.

As I just said, the Prosperity Marketing System is my ideal system. Why do I say that? I say that because of the flexibility of the system. I could have used the system just as it was when I joined or I could use it as a platform to build my list and multiple income streams of my choice.

I chose the latter. I am promoting 15 programs of my choice. I had nothing to join because I am using all programs where I was already a member. You are not locked into a specific autoresponder, There is a long list of autoresponders that interface with PMS. So many programs dictate which autoresponder has to be used to take full advantage of the system. Not PMS.

In the Prosperity Marketing System, you can add your own training. Adding your own training, allows you to support the programs you are promoting. You can also change the core pages of the system. This allows you to further emphasize and support your own programs. If your upline has supplied training that you do not want to use, you can choose not to let your downline see it. In other words, you can, if you want, develop all your own training in your own style and words.

The best part of the Prosperity Marketing System is the price and commission structure. PMS costs $12/month and pays 100% commission. That means it only takes 1 paying referral to cover your cost. How can they afford to do that you ask? It is a unique referral structure.

The Prosperity Marketing System referral structure works like this. Your second and fourth referrals are passed up to your sponsor. Those referrals pass their second and fourth referrals to the same person. For example, if you refer 1 paying member, you are making $12/month which pays your monthly fee. Their second and fourth paying members are passed up to you and you are now making $36/month. Their second and fourth paying members become yours and you are now making $84/month. This keeps going and going. This structure allows PMS to pay 100% commissions. (

You should investigate The Prosperity Marketing System yourself. There is a free 7 day trial period. Many, including myself, get their first paying referral during the free 7-day trial.

What I like about The Prosperity Marketing System

  1. The low monthly cost which is covered by your first paying referral
  2. Ability to promote my own programs
  3. The large number of autoresponders that interface with PMS
  4. The ability to modify the core pages of the system to reflect my style and programs
  5. The ability to add my own training for my programs
  6. The ease of recruiting referrals
  7. Support is very responsive always less than 24 hours

What I Dislike

The Prosperity Marketing System has a Landing Page builder which is OK but is very limited. I personally build my pages elsewhere.

Final Verdict

If you are serious about affiliate marketing, you need to take a serious look at The Prosperity Marketing System. You will not be disappointed. I wish I had found The Prosperity Marketing System 10 years ago. I would have a very healthy income now!

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