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I have been struggling for years to generate a monthly income with no success.  Over those years, I found fantastic products to promote, I paid lots of money for training, I paid lots of money for advertising, I spent 100s, probably 1000s, of hours earning credits, all to no avail.  I always felt that I was missing something.  I was.  I was selling to a non-de-script audience and that was the wrong thing to do.

I have finally found the program that not only has given the key to success but really cares whether I succeed or not.  The program is My Lead System Pro (MLSP).  MLSP is an educational platform that teaches you how to succeed regardless of your business opportunity or affiliate program.  How can they do this?  EASY! They teach you how to consistently attract high quality, targeted leads.  You learn to cultivate leads that want to follow you.  By following, MLSP methods leads actually come to you.  The best part of MLSP method is that you are not limited to one marketing strategy.  Use which ever platform you are most comfortable; e.g., email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

What is MLSP’s secret?  It is called Attraction Marketing. As the name implies, you learn how to attract leads, recruits, buyers who want to be involved in what you have to offer.  (You do not have to use paid advertising to succeed. There is at least 1 member of MLSP who has built a 6 figure/year business and never spent any money advertising.)  Attraction Marketing has 3 principals – BUILD, ENGAGE, SELL.

— Build your audience
— Engage your audience
— Sell your audience

This is the philosophy upon which attraction marketing is built. MLSP has an incredible amount of video training to guide you through the learning of Attraction Marketing. MLSP is not limited to videos. They also are very proactive keeping in contact with

— Wednesday Live webinars presented by 6 and 7 figure earners which have been running since 2008
— Daily (Mon-Fri) Wake-Up Calls to keep you motivated
— Live Tuesday Top Earner Hangout to overcome any and all technical problems
— Live Monday Night Newcomer webinar
— A very responsive Facebook page
— Personal coaching is also available

I am not sure what else MLSP could do to help you succeed. You can evaluate MLSP yourself with their $10 for 10 day trail.  If you join and follow the 6 Steps under “Start Here”, you will start getting leads and start to fell the power of Attraction Marketing. Remember at the beginning of this article, I said

I was selling to a non-de-script audience and that was the wrong thing to do.”

Do you see what I was doing wrong?  Join MLSP and you will learn why that method was wrong.  I joined MLSP 18 days ago.  I have generated 40 leads and 2 referrals.  I now have the start of a recurring monthly income which I know will know will continue to grow as I become more proficient using Attraction Marketing.

One last thing, in this review I have only talked about MLSP as a training platform.  This is their purpose in life but they also have a very attractive, lucrative affiliate plan available to all members if they choose to pursue it.  So whether you have your own opportunity which you want to take to the next level, choose to use the MLSP affiliate program, or both to start generating a solid, growing monthly income, MLSP will give you the knowledge you have been missing and need.  Do yourself a favor and evaluate MLSP yourself.

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