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My experience with the program so far

Lazy Commissions is a fantastic affiliate marketing course. You couldn’t ask for a better value. As of this review, Lazy Commissions is free. (I don’t know how long it will stay free. ) I have paid for courses that didn’t teach me anywhere near as much as Lazy Commissions.

Lazy Commissions is a no BS, all-inclusive affiliate marketing course created by Tim Ikels and Paul Neidig, both very experienced marketers. It is called Lazy Commissions but there is work that needs to be done. As explained in the course, there is work to do up front and once things get going then, and only then, you can be lazy.

The course is divided into 5 sections and each section has multiple parts. The 5 sections are

The Foundation

As the name implies, this section of training lays the groundwork for creating a strong, profitable affiliate marketing business. The first part of this section discusses,

LeadGen & Email Marketing

Email marketing explains

Lead generation addresses

Traffic Generation

This section discusses traffic vs targeted traffic and how to generate high converting traffic sources based on your offer. This section may be the most valuable in the course.

Next Steps

After laying the foundation and building the structure for you affiliate marketing business, this section gets you started. There is also a quick start guide so you can start earning while you are learning.


This sections is a collection of videos, webinars, and ebooks to further your affiliate marketing training.


Lazy Commissions has three upgrades to offer

  1. The Ultimate Marketing Vault – In my opinion, buying this upgrade is a necessity. As of this review, it is only $7. It is worth 10 times that. The Ultimate Marketing Vault contains splash pages, squeeze pages, bonus pages, thank you pages, CPA pages, follow-up emails. Educational emails, aggressive marketing emails, and email templates. There are detailed instructions on how to edit the pages to include your links and autoresponder code. Also, when and how to use each type of page. As I said before, this upgrade is worth a whole lot more than the $7 price tag. I am not going to suprised when the price goes up.
  2. Secret Affiliate Insider – A private Discord channel monitored by Tim Ikels and Paul Neidig. It is a great community of friendly, helpful people who share great ideas and are always willing to help. I have found the community very helpful especially with the constructive criticism I have received.
  3. (Triple) Special License Rights – This upgrade makes Lazy Commissions your own. You get 100% commission and you get the emails of all those that join Lazy Commissions via your link. I have never seen another affiliate program do this.

What I Like

I am still learning all with Lazy Commissions so I can’t be lazy yet. I am very impressed with the no BS approach. I love the “Don’t Buy Another Shiny Object” philosophy. I really appreciate how easy it is to interact with Tim and Paul and the feedback I receive on Discord. I am not sure how the course could be any better.

What I Dislike

I have not found a thing I don’t like about Lazy Commissions. I seriously doubt if I will find anything I dislike.

Final Verdict

I highly recommend the Lazy Commissions course. It is a very down to earth, no BS course that will teach you a marketing method that you can do with very little or no investment. Remember, Lazy Commissions is free right now. If you are serious about internet affiliate marketing, you will give yourself a huge boost by taking this comprehensive course. You will thank yourself. I also recommend the Ultimate Marketing Vault upgrade for only $7. Unless you are very good at creating your own marketing page and follow-up emails, this upgrade is a necessity.

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