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I Am Alive Challenge Day 109

Bob Caine here. This is my 109th day in the #iamalivechallenge. I am alive and doing very well. I hope you are doing very well as well. Nothing exciting going on so lets dive right in.

Guinea Pig Challenge – More Planning

So far we have done some preliminary planning on my first goal, Get 10 Prosperity Management System students, and my third goal, create a 100 email series in my autoresponder. Today, let’s look at what I consider the toughest goal, get my website,, internet worth. I say it is the toughest for 2 reasons, One, I have to think about what I want the website to look like and how I want it to perform. And, two, programming it to do what accomplish one.

I want FunnelsPay to not be the stock, wordpress blog. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very attractive blogs out there on the internet but I want FunnelsPay to be a website with a blog, not a blog trying to be a website. This will take some programming and that is the challenge. I have been taking a WordPress Theme developers course which has shown me what can be done. But doing it, is another manner. It takes HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript to work on a WordPress theme. Combining those uses every combination of ‘”`[{()}]=><‘; characters. It can get confusing putting PHP in HTML and combining them with Javascript. I will get it. it will just take me a while.

So what do I want on Let’s start breaking it down.

That is all I can think of for now. Several of those need to be broken down to small tasks. I mentioned yesterday I think I will create a page for each goal where I can keep my tasks, milestones and progress. I can very easily create pages for now and then transfer the information once I finish a goals page. Plus, creating those pages will help me know what I want on the Goals page eventually . Sounds like a the start of a plan.

Kitchen Remodel

My contractor gave up trying to get a building permit today. So, I went and applied. It will be interesting how many hoops they make me jump through and how long it takes to get the permit. Stay tuned. One of the new windows need to be replaced. The grid pattern in the picture window doesn’t line up with the side windows and it looks weird from the outside. The picture window is going to be replaced. It should be here in a couple of weeks. Progress? Maybe.

IAAC Video Day 109

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I Am Alive
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