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Important, New Gmail and Yahoo Requirements for 2024

Gmail and Yahoo are implementing new rules in 2024 to make inboxes safer and less “spammy”.  To get bulk (autoresponder) emails delivered, you will need to follow these rules. All emails sent by any kind of bulk emailer which do not abide by these rules will not be delivered.  Here are the three (3) new rules.

  1. Emails must be sent from a custom domain. @Gmail and @Yahoo emails addresses can no longer be used. These email address were intended for personal use not mass promotional emailing.  If you are currently using a @gmail or @yahoo, you will need to get a custome domain. I use NameCheap where you can get an email only account as low as $0.99/month (first 60 days free). Or, you can get NameCheap hosting with 30 or more emails for as low as $1.98/month with a free domain name. I would recommend the hosting. It gives you so much more functionality.
  2. Once you have your custom domain email address, you need to make sure it has a DMIK for the domain. DMIK stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail. DMIK is like a signature for your email and is used to make sure the email wasn’t changed since it was sent. Depending where you get your new email address you may have to create the DMIK record yourself. It is not hard to create and I will show you how in another post.
  3. Finally, you need a DMARC Policy. DMARC stand for Domain-based Message Authentication. DMARC is used to make sure an email really came from you. DMARC can prevent emails using your email address that you did not send from being delivered. The reason DMARC is called a policy because you decide what to do with fraudulent messages and where to send a report. DMARC records are easy to set up like DMIK records which I will show you how in another post.

OK, this post is long enough. I did want to include links to information about these changes from Google and Yahoo.

Google – New Gmail protections for a safer, less spammy inbox

Yahoo –  More Secure, Less Spam: Enforcing Email Standards for a Better Experience

Have a geat day. See You At The Bank! Bob