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What would you guess today’s post is about? Selling Filet Mignon At McDonald’s? Attempting to sell high-ticket items (items selling for more than $1000) without building enough TRUST, AUTHORITY, and RAPPORT to your subscribers most likely won’t work. It certainly will won’t work very often. Adversity, a high-ticket online company, sells over $500,000/month with 75% of that revenue coming from high-ticket items has this to say about selling high-ticket items.

“Selling a high-end product is a process, meaning that you can’t just have a sales page and sell something. You need to engage, provide value and sell.

Another important factor you need to understand is that selling high ticket products to people who aren’t already your customers is almost impossible unless your branding is done perfectly.”

They go on to say

“We have varieties of marketing related courses we call front products. These front products are valuable and effective programs that help our members solve their business problems. Anything from list building, Clickbank affiliate marketing to e-commerce and advertising, we have it all.

We also have 1-on-1 coaching, updates and in some cases, even bonus courses that come with every product to add more value to the product and provide a positive experience for our members.

After a while, our coaches offer high ticket products and our members mostly take the offer, simply because of their positive experience with the program, system, our coaching, and community.”

You have heard me say multiple times you need your subscribers/prospects to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. Aversity spends time, even does individual coaching, to develop a relationship with customers before they even try to sell someone a high-ticket item. BUILD YOUR RELATIONSHIP IMAGE Another thing I have said before, you are NOT going to get rich overnight. You need to take the time a build a relationship with your subscribers so that they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you. I would love to here what you think about these posts. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think. See You At The Bank, Bob Please share your thoughts about this post. Your comments help me improve and learn your interests. Thanks

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