Sunday as a lot of you know is goals day. But before I get to my goals, I just want to talk about my newest revaluation about myself. I am a Nerd.

This morning I was trying to figure out why got so little done towards my goals for the last 2 days. It only took me a couple of minutes to realize that I had spent 10-12 hours working on my latest Udemy course. Why did I spend that much time? Because I loved it.

Once I saw the benefits of CSS if you know how to use it, I didn’t want to stop. It was like reading a great book that you just can’t put down. That was how I have been now for the last 3 days with “Mastering the Modern Workflow” course I have been taking.

What generally gets me to break away is some kind of error that I have to search and search for. That happened twice today, I actually quit without finding the error. These errors are very difficult for me to find. They tend to be typos or the embarrassing ‘forgetting to save a file’. Not seeing that I didn’t save a file is extremely frustrating since I really feel stupid when I realize the problem. The typos are just hard to see sometimes among all the <>,.[]}{)(;: that are used.

So, I guess at 72, I just should accept that I am a nerd. Unfortunately, I will probably never be that good at what I am learning since I won’t get enough practice like I would if it was my job.

IAAC Video Day 118 – Goals Day

This my 118th day in the #iamalivechallenge. I am alive and doing very well, I hope you are doing very well as well.

It is goals day. Part of the #myhivegoals is accountability so many of us choose to report our goals on Sunday. Here is the chart showing the status of my goals. More details are available in the video.

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