I Am Alive Day 88

Yesterday I talked about using 3Speak.online for my videos. Today, 3Speak is down for “unscheduled maintenace.” Today I used LBRY.TV for my videos. LBRY is actually faster than 3Speak. However, LBRY is on a different blockchain not Hive. This means there are a couple of extra steps to getting my videos to the Hive.

Are any of you wondering why it is important to get my videos and posts to the Hive. Very simple answer – MONEY! If you are not familiar with blockchains, you should be unless you are independently wealthy. On blockchains, you get paid to do things you are probably already doing for free. For example, on the blockchain, you would get paid for commenting on this post.

Do you post, comment or like on Facebook? You would get paid for all those on the blockchain. Do you post videos on YouTube? You would get paid to post them on the blockchain. Do you play games online? On the blockchain, you get paid to play games. Do you have a blog or comment on blogs? On the blockchain you get paid to add content. You get the idea. When you do things on the blockchain, you get paid and it costs you nothing.

I got sidetracked talking about the block chain. Today’s video I talked about the kitchen remodel which you will hear more about over the next few weeks. I am going to work at on having more of a set agenda for my videos and blog than I have had in the past. I am working on it.

That is enough for today. Until tomorrow.

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