I Am Alive CI (101) – A Rank

This is my 101st day participating in the #iamalivechallenge. I am alive and doing very well. I hope you are doing very well as well. Today’s video is 97% my ranting about no way to embed a blockchain video in a post without getting an ‘Unsupported’ error or a duplicate of the video being posted on PeakD. I used D.Tube again today which seems to be working again. But, it has started posting the video on PeakD. This might not happen if I am not signed in to the Hive.

I intended to try that today but Discord suggested an alternate url for uploading. When I tried to use the alternate, it said I had to be login the Hive. I logged in the Hive and tried. Only to be told I wasn’t authorized. Never thought about logging out of my hive ID. I will try it with my Luke Is Alive post shortly.

Guinea Pig Challenge

One more day until I can find out my top 3 goals. I am looking forward to that. You did write down your 10 goals today didn’t you? I sure hope so.

Kitchen Remodel

No work and no one showed up. The contractor didn’t show up, the inspector didn’t show up, the cabinet guy didn’t show up. I know someone who is about to get fired.

IAAC Video

Until Tomorrow, Bob Caine

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